4D (Construction Sequence) and 5D (Cashflow) Simulations

Real-time, Realistic, and Reliable

Our team uses True BIM models to produce photo-realistic and reliable 2D renderings and 3D animations of the designed / built condition. While minimizing rework, we promote the benefit of True BIM for design review, design decision-making, marketing and construction reference.

5D (Cashflow) Simulation

5D BIM is useful in cases where budget analysis and cost estimation are required from the beginning of any project. It goes without saying that cost is one of the most important elements associated with a project. 5D BIM enables project promoters and owners to analyze the costs that will be incurred over time in relation to the project activities.

5D BIM can help in accurately predicting the budgetary requirements along with the changes in scope, material, manpower or equipment requirements. With 5D BIM, one can easily extract the costs associated with a scenario and can also factor in for changes along the way.


Han Hsi Ho


BIM Modeller / Engineer